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We make transcriptions easy.

Don't let slow and inaccurate transcription tools slow you down: transcribe audio in seconds.

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Relied on by creators across the globe. Transkribieren.xyz is the go-to transcription solution for those who value speed, accuracy, and simplicity.

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Transcribe faster

Everything you need to do high quality transcriptions fast.

Tired of the same old transcription services? Transkribieren.xyz is here to change the game, offering a fresh take on transcriptions that's faster, more accurate, and more versatile than others.

Quick as a Flash
Our web-based platform delivers top-notch transcriptions at lightning speed. Upload your audio and let Transkribieren.xyz do the magic.
Precision Matters
We take accuracy seriously. Our AI-driven transcription engine powered by OpenAI delivers exceptional quality, so you can trust your content will be spot on.
WhatsApp? No Problem
Transcribing voice notes from WhatsApp is a breeze. Simply forward them to our dedicated number and consider it done.
Edit on the Fly
Need to tweak your transcriptions? Our intuitive browser-based editor makes it easy to fine-tune your content in real-time.